Software for Nonprofits

We are a team of McGill students who create robust software for social good. We believe that our engineering skill sets do not render us useless in addressing social injustices. Instead, they empower us to build a better society together.

We believe in using tech for good.

Each semester, we work with one or more non-profits with the opportunity to build a great product that solves a core need. We work in small groups led by a product manager to scope and develop the application, taking into account our clients’ requirements and suggestions.

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Are you passionate about software and Social Impact? Are you looking to join a unique and close-knit community? Join Us! Our mission provides a distinct experience to develop technical skills and interact with nonprofit clients all while applying your skills to impact real lives.


Are you looking to leverage technology to further the impact of your organization? Do you have an idea that could improve either your or your clients' workflow? Let's work together to make it happen! We focus on maximizing impact and creating quality products with real value.

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